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This pricing page is outdated. For up to date pricing, please contact Doogma.

  • $299/mo
  • Up to $5,000 Monthly Volume


    Includes up to 3,000
    uploaded images per month


    Initial Setup Fee: $900
    Includes 1 Simple Template



  • Buy Now
  • $499/mo
  • Up to $10,000 Monthly Volume


    Includes up to 3,000
    uploaded images per month


    Initial Setup Fee: $900
    Includes 1 Simple Template



  • Select
  • $749/mo
  • PRO
  • Up to $25,000 Monthly Volume


    Includes up to 3,000
    uploaded images per month


    Initial Setup Fee: $900
    Includes 1 Simple Template




Custom Packages &
Enterprise Packages

    $25,000 Monthly Volume
    and above


What’s included in every plan

6 Hours of Expert Support

Your initial setup fee of $900 includes up to six hours of initial consultation, project planning and training for creating the best customization experience for your products on your site.

Money Back Guarantee

We know that prior to committing, you may want to discuss your project in detail and to fully understand how the Doogma Designer™ will work for you. So we offer a complete money back guarantee. If after the first hour with your Doogma consultant, you decide to cancel the project, we’ll provide a complete refund of all fees paid by you.

Your Own Personal Product Customization Consultant

Your Doogma consultant will share with you best practices based on academic research and our experience working with thousands of customized products.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add the customization
experience to my product pages?


You can build most of the experience within the product page using BigCommerce Options and Options Sets.

After you install the Doogma App and sign up for one of the packages,
you can schedule a web-meeting with your Doogma consultant.

Do I need to know how to use Photoshop
to prepare the images?


Depending on the types of customization you’d like to offer for your products,
a variety of layered images will be required.
Your Doogma Consultant will assist in creating a few sample images based on photos or illustrations you provide for your products.
Additional graphic work can be done by you, by third parties or by Doogma (hourly fee).

How are Monthly Fees Calculated?


When you sign up for a monthly package, you are asked to estimate the monthly volume of sales you expect from your custom products. Choose the package that suits you best. If your monthly volume is beyond the amount corresponding to your package, you should please move to a higher package. Monthly volume is calculated by multiplying the average product price by the number of adds-to-cart during the month.

If your customization requires users to upload images, there is an extra monthly fee of $99 per 3,000 images uploaded per month. Please choose the appropriate add-on for your monthly package.

How are Setup Fees Calculated?


The Doogma team will set up templates for you and advise regarding graphics. Doogma Templates are the mapping between the options displayed on your BigCommerce product page and the visualization that will be displayed for each option.
Setup fees vary based on the complexity of the required template for your page. In some cases, additional hourly work by Doogma will be required. Your Doogma consultant will inform you if additional hours will be needed.

What will the Doogma Consultant do for me?


The consultant will assist you in planning the best customization experience for your products and will then assist in the implementation of the Doogma Designers™ on your site.
The consultant will assist with initial set up and graphics and will provide you with training so that you can complete any remaining image work.

Which Doogma Template Will I Need?


Simple customization may include form and feature changes while more complex personalization may support user text and uploaded images.
Simple customization can usually be achieved using a Standard Template. Your Doogma Consultant will work with you to identify and create the templates best suited to your requirements.

Can Doogma Carry Out The Graphics Work for Me?


Yes, you can purchase banks of 10 hours of graphic work by the Doogma team.